The Two Rules

picture of earth and sky - the two rulesSome people spend hours a day on the internet.  Myself included....  although I don't consider my time on the internet a waste.

I suppose very few people who spend hours a day online consider their time wasted, although if they spent any time actually thinking about what they accomplished during all of those hours they might think otherwise.

"What else is there to do?"  Some might ask.

Other people might say that it is "entertainment".


All of them.

The beauty of it is this.

No one has to justify anything to anybody.

We live our lives.

To each his own.

As long as everyone follows two very simple rules.

Rule #1

Do everything you have agreed to do.

Rule #2

Do not encroach upon any other person or their property.

It is that simple.

If you really think about it.  These two rules, if followed, will help to avoid 99.9% of the problems in this world.

After all....

......... every problem starts out as an individual one.

The problems of  "society" at large have all started out as individual's problems.

Oftentimes "government" rushes in to "fix" the problem.

The thing is this.

Individual "problems" can not be fixed by government, or any group of people.

We all have free will.

We can do whatever we want...

As long as we follow the two rules.

If we choose to not follow the two rules, then in many cases other people will start to impose their rules upon us for our misbehavior.   Or for our own good.

This is of course notwithstanding all of the far overreaching rules and regulations imposed upon us by our "benevolent governments".

We should all have a right to private contract without interference from anyone.  Especially from our governments.

Thanks Richard.

NOTE: This line of thinking is thanks to Richard Maybury.  Mr. Maybury has published a number of books including the Uncle Eric series.