Sell Health vs Market Health Affiliate Review

I've been selling health products on the internet for quite a long time now and figured I'd do a quick review on two of the top rated health affiliate programs - Sell Health and Market Health.

Affiliate Products To Promote

sell health products onlineBoth of these programs have a lot of excellent products that you can sell - from acne and other skin care products such as wrinkle creams and scar lotions and such.  These are excellent affiliate products to promote if you have traffic in the niche, and still good even if you don't - more on that below.

They also have Male and Female enhancement products, Anti aging, HGH Releasers, Low Testosterone supplements and the like.  These are some of my personal best sellers and I'll tell you a little bit of how I go about selling them further down the page.

I have achieved Super Affiliate status and make a full time income working from home - a dream for many people, and unfortunately not one that is easily achieved.

Who's Better - Sell Health or Market Health?

Keep in mind that the following is personal opinion and I am going to tell you which of these companies I make the most money with and that one will obviously be my favorite.  Both companies have their benefits and I am more than happy to argue/discuss with anyone if they disagree with me.

Far and away - above and beyond - the top rated company to go with if you are looking to make good money on the internet selling health products is... Sell Health.

Why Is The Sell Health Affiliate Program Better?

I'll list a few things off the top of my head.  Then you can check them out and see for yourself.

  • Cookies Last A Long Time! That's right. If someone clicks on your link today but does not purchase and then later goes directly to the vendor site and makes a purchase you get credit anyway. (as long as they didn't clear their cookie cache of course, but few people do that very often).
  • Besides... have you noticed that some companies (such as Amazon) only offer 24 Hour cookies?  Other companies offer 10 day to 30 day ones, and you can find some that offer as much as 90 days, but that is pretty much the max.
  • Repeat Orders!  People will re-order products and when they do you get another commission from the sale.  Very few companies will do this for you.  Most vendors out there are more than happy to have you do ALL the work of getting them a new customer, paying you once, and not even saying thanks for all of the repeat business they are getting off of your hard work.
  • Excellent Commissions!  Sell Health pays the highest commissions of any health product affiliate company out there.  Market Health's commissions are nearly as good too.
  • The amazing thing is this.  There are other affiliate networks selling similar (and in some cases the exact same) products and paying less than a 10% commission.  This pales in comparison to the 40 -50% commissions that Sell Health pays.
  • Twice Per Month Payments.  Both Market Health and Sell Health pay twice per month, but many other companies pay only once per month. The thing I like about both of these companies is that if I make a sale between the 1st and 15th of the month I will get paid within two weeks.  The edge goes to Sell Health on this one, as they will cut the check as early as 5 days after the pay period ends, whereas Market Health waits until the end of the month.
  • Sell Health has a better back end.  What I mean by that is a couple of things.  First of all - they make it real easy to get your banners, links, make tracking codes, etc.  They also have a lot more marketing resources you can use such as articles that you can use (spin or rewrite) in your marketing efforts.  They also provide more tips and advice about how to go about doing things correctly.  (honesty is the best policy type stuff)
  • Access To Affiliate Manager.  The nice thing about Sell Health is how quickly they respond to your questions and concerns, as well as any suggestions and requests you might have such as making a custom banner for you.  You can email them, or call them, and they take care of your needs.
  • Honesty In Marketing.  Not that I have any complaints in this area about the Market Health Products, but every single one of the Sell Health Products has a generous money back guarantee.  They also make it real easy for your customers to order.  Many people still are not comfortable putting in credit card numbers over the internet - so they have the option to either call and place an order, or even fax one in.  (pretty sure not many people do that anymore, but hey... the option is there).

beach butt imageSleazy Marketing Tactics?

I have not had any concerns with Sell Health as far as any sort of sleazy marketing tactics. 

The company is above board and I highly recommend them.  Market Health is good too,  I make decent conversions and commissions from them, but I get a different feeling from them.

Maybe it is some of the kinds of products they sell (Slap Happy - anyone?), or maybe it's that they aren't up front with their pricing, (you have to fill out a form with your name and email before they tell you how much their product costs - probably excellent lead capture and "follow up" emails to sell product - but I think affiliate conversions suffer because of it )

Or maybe their "testimonials" seem made up sometimes.  I'm not quite sure what it is about them, probably a little bit of all those things.

More Complaints With Market Health's Affiliate Program

Market Health does a good job too, but my sales conversions are quite a bit lower with them and think that's because of the way their product landing pages are.  Market Health does not provide any sort of pricing for their products until a customer fills out a form with their personal information.

Affiliate Conversions Suffer With Market Health?

I think (I know) that turns a lot of people off.  Why not just show the price of the product up front?  I have tested the exact same traffic (by alternating links and banners) sending the potential customer to similar products that each company sells and my conversions are nearly twice as much with Sell Health as they are with Market Health. (in almost every case)  

My Recommendation?

So if you are looking for the best health product affiliate program I highly recommend Sell Health over Market Health. (but join Market Health too - just another option to use when your Sell Health offers aren't converting)

Both companies have plenty of benefits to them, they just go about things differently and Sell Health's interface is much easier (and faster) to use when you are making a new link that you want tracking on.

Sub-Affiliates? Make money off of the people you recruit.

sell health sub affiliate program commissionsBeing an internet marketer myself, I know that when I see a product that I think I can sell I always look to see if the company that is selling it offers an affiliate program.

If the page I landed on happened to be an affiliate's marketing/selling/landing page and not the vendor's main site - and the affiliate is a smart one - they will have an "affiliates" or "webmasters" link somewhere on the page.

Usually near the bottom.  I have no idea how many people I am making money for every day, but I know they are happy I clicked on that link and signed up as an affiliate too.  Because now they have me as a sub-affiliate.

Both Market Health and Sell Health will pay you commissions on sub-affiliates too, meaning that if you refer another marketer and they sign up and start selling products you will get a small commission off of their efforts.  Usually 5% or so.

As a matter of fact, that is the main reason I wrote this article.  I hope that you will visit these companies through the links I provide on this page and sign up with them so I can make some money off of your efforts.  Not to worry though, your commissions will not be any less than what they would be if you don't use my links.

If you do sign up through the links (or banners) on this page I'd appreciate it if you would let me know.  I'd like to help you sell lots and lots of stuff so we both make more money.

What's The Easiest Way To Sell Health Products On The Internet?

Next I am going to tell you one of the best ways to sell health (and most any other) products for that matter.

If you already have a website that gets more than 100 unique visitors a day then you probably don't need any sort of affiliate income advice as you can just put up banners and write another article extolling the virtues of a certain product and start getting sales, but most people don't have that yet, so here's how I would go about it (and did myself in the beginning).

As a matter of fact I still use this tactic because it works so well.

Take Advantage of Brand New Keywords

(I talk at length about this in my new e-book.  You learn more specific techniques by signing up for it HERE.)

I am assuming that you know enough about internet marketing that you know what a keyword is.  If you don't know, you will soon enough.  Basically a keyword is anything that someone will type into the search box on Google, Yahoo, etc. when they are trying to find something out.

They may be looking for "product X review", or typing in something like "is product X any good?"  That's how you ended up on this page right?  Good. Now that we have that out of the way...

Product Name Keywords

You started (or are starting) an internet business to make money right?

If you have been at it for any length of time you have found out that making sales is hard.  It is not nearly as easy as what you were led to believe.  You probably spent good money on some sort of e-book that promised you an easy way to get rich, and found out that you got suckered into something that just does not work.

By the way... if you want the honest to God's truth about it you should visit the Keyword Academy (anow closed to new customers, but a lot of good information still available for free) and see what it really takes to make money on the internet.

It will also be worth your time to visit Becker's Source-Wave site.  Lots of good stuff from beginning to advanced.

Anyway... I digress(ed).  I was starting to talk about Product Name Keywords and how to use them to your advantage.

Everyone knows how hard it is to rank a site (or page on a site) for the very popular keywords.  It is also (usually) very expensive to buy traffic - as in advertise - with Google Adwords, Facebook, and the like.

What you want to be on the lookout for is a brand new product.  If you are into keyword research - and if you are not, you should be.  Once again I'll recommend Source-Wave for lots of free information.  Check them out.

The reason you want a brand new (or little known) product is that the competition is very minimal, and in many cases non existent.  If you write an article with the "brand new product" keyword in the title you can have your article on the first page of Google within minutes sometimes.

This is almost always the case  if you have an established blog or website.

But What Do I Do Specifically With A Brand New Product Keyword?

The keywords I am talking about here are not ones that are attached to huge established brands (in most cases).  It will be hard (for most people) to rank for Nike's Newest Running Shoe or Apple's Newest Product in short (or even long) order.


What you want to be on the look out for is things like this:

  • Product promotions that you get in the mail.  (male enhancement anyone?)
  • Late Night Television product ads. (skin and hair care products)
  • Late Night Radio Ads.  (hair care - baldness cures - etc.)

The idea is to piggyback your efforts on top of the efforts that the product sellers are already doing.  Sometimes you can become an affiliate for that particular product, but the best and easiest way to use that "new product name keyword" is to already be an affiliate for a similar product and offer "your product" as either a "better one" or a "good alternative" for your customer to check out.

You want to be honest when talking about any product.  If you have not used the product you should say so.

People know when someone is trying to be sneaky.  Some of my best selling pages are the reviews where I say something like - "this "new product keyword" looks like it might be pretty good, but maybe you should check out "my affiliate product keyword" as they have tons of happy user testimonials, an excellent money back guarantee, etc.".

I also have great success ripping on the blatant lies that all of the scammy male enhancement marketers tell.  I just point out the obvious in a 300 -1000 word article and then tell them that if they are looking for something that actually works they should take a look at "product X". (my product)

What Kind Of Conversion Rate Should You Expect?

Now don't get discouraged here when I tell you that you can expect "only" about a 2 - 3% conversion rate.  What that means that is for every 100 people that you get to click through your affiliate link only two or three of them will buy something.  Less expensive products will often get you a better conversion rate, but that means a lesser commission too.

I sell lots of product through Amazon, but what you get as a commission (4 - 8% usually) - lets take an average of 7% - means that I have to sell $10,000.00 worth of stuff to make $700.  Lots of sales for very little reward.

Compare that to Sell Health's products where the average commission is 40 - 50% and the average sale (for me anyway) is just over $200.00.  That means I only need 7 - 8 sales to make the same amount of money as selling $10,000.00 worth of product through my Amazon affiliate links.

It takes just as much effort to write a review article for a $20 Amazon product where you'll make $1.50 in commission as it does for a Sell Health or Market Health product where you'll make $50 - $200 (or more) in commission.   The same amount of effort.  Think about that.

What If I Don't Have A Website?

You don't have a website?  No problem.  You can write your review articles on many, many different "free sites", and your "new product name keyword" will rank real well.  Oftentimes better than even if you have a website of your own.  This is because these sites have more authority than your own site.

What Are Some Good Sites To Use?

I'm going to tell you about just two sites you should can use that work well for me.  USFreeAds and Squidoo work well for me, along with Weebly, and other sites that you can make a free blog on.

I could give you dozens more, but then you'd wonder which one is best.  There is no best.  Except for your own once you build it the right way using the info you can get for free from Becker at Source Wave.

Hopefully this 2400+ word article has given you some insight and pointed you in the right direction.  If you skipped right to the bottom, here is what I recommend.

Sign Up With Sell Health first.  Go through all of their marketing material, newsletters, tips and advice on how to go about selling their products.  If you have been marketing on the internet for a while now then you can just jump right in and grab some links or banners to test out how well they work.  Then go and sign up for my FREE E-BOOK.

After you have some sales and traffic with them, then sign up with Market Health.  They do have more offers to choose from and quite a few CPA offers too.  Test out both networks with the traffic you are generating and see which one converts better for you.

Good Luck out there.


Click on the banner below to be taken directly to the affiliates page of Sell Health.

And the following is the Market Health affiliate site.

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About Jack Folsgood

Jack Folsgood is an internet affiliate marketing expert and likes to share his thoughts about Business and Life in general.


  1. Holy crap Jack – 2500 words to say all that? You have way too much time on your hands!

    Seriously though, thanks for the input. No Guru that I have ever bought from suggested going after the Brand New Product keywords. I’ll be on the lookout.

  2. Gary – Yeah… sometimes I DO have too much time on my hands. If you take your time checking out the new (or newer) products in certain niches it is amazing how little competition there is in some of them. Good Luck out there.


  3. Gerry Grozynksi says:

    Hey Jack,

    Everything wrote made a great deal of sense. But, what about this? what if you typed a catchier title? I ain’t suggesting your content is not good., but what if you added a post title that grabbed a person’s attention? I mean Sell Health vs Market Health Affiliate Review is a little plain.

    You should peek at Yahoo’s home page and watch how they create news titles to get people to open the links. You might add a related video or a pic or two to get readers excited about what you’ve written. Just my opinion, it could make your website a little livelier.

  4. @Gerry,

    Thanks for your opinion(s).

  5. Good Stuff Jack!

    Your insight is appreciated.


  6. Shaun Pennello says:

    I am intrigued. I am going to go for it. Thanks.

  7. Thanks Jack – very helpful…

  8. This is a good tip particularly to those newbies

    Very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this
    one. A must read post!

  9. Gr8 review Thanks Jack , Even i am an affiliate of Sell health and Earning good amount of income from it

  10. Thanks for the comparison, this really helped. Does Sell Health provide international offers as well? I looked at their webpage, but didn’t see any information.

  11. Thank you so much Jack for the detailed.. Finally, I am joining the SellHealth Affiliate Program.. As, I am a newbie in the affiliate marketing, so wish me LUCK 🙂

    THANKS 🙂

  12. Hey Dhruv,

    Good Luck!

    Let me know if you need any help. You can use my “contact” page to get in touch.


  13. Hey Adrian,

    Sorry for the delayed response – your comment ended up in the spam folder.

    Sell Health does have international offers on a couple of their products and plan to add more.

    When you are in your back office grabbing a link or banner from Sell Health they note if there are international sites/links/banners for that product.


  14. No worries Jack. Thanks for clarifying. Have a great day!

  15. Hello Jack 🙂 I would love to know how you get a 3% conversion… last month my conversion at sellhealth was 1:778 and for market healht it’s even worse 🙁 you can see my blog, I write good and unique content and my approach is to write an article about some specific problem and how to treat it and recommend an affiliate product. I wounder should I first send the readers to a review on my blog? Will that increase conversion? And also do you think changing the design and domain will do any good? Thats pretty much what I can think of, if you see any faults and have any suggestions please let me know 🙂

  16. @Stanimir,
    I’ll take a look and give you my opinion.


  17. @Stanimir…
    Should you change the design and/or domain? No – What you have there is fine. I’d take out your email on the top right. Add a “contact” page instead. I’d bet you get very few if any emails anyway. Right?

    If you put a 300 x 250 banner ad (float left) after the first paragraph of each article with the product you are promoting you’ll see better conversions. (anyone who comes to your site is looking for a solution to their problem – make it easy for them to find it – MOST PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO READ 500 WORDS OR MORE) The text links are okay – but you should absolutely put a 468 x 60 or a 460 x 80 banner ad at the end of each article with your recommended product. The banner ads at the end of the article get the most clicks for me and the best conversions.

    Your article writing and grammar is “just okay”. You’ll get better with time.

    A banner ad (or two) with related products in your sidebar will help. (this goes along with the idea of making it easy for people to find a product that will help them)

    If you haven’t downloaded my free e-book I suggest you do so and study my technique for doing product reviews. The gist of it is this; Review a product that is currently popular or at least is being promoted in some manner. Talk honestly about it – what is good about it? What is bad? (if anything)… and then recommend your reader check out your product (by clicking the banner ad at the bottom of your article) Actually tell them to click on the ad.\

    Many times just a small “tweak” is the thing that takes a non converting review article into a money maker. IF YOU ARE GETTING CONSISTENT TRAFFIC TO YOUR ARTICLES BUT THEY ARE NOT CONVERTING THEN YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR ADS AROUND. Test – test – and test again.

    Good Luck out there…


  18. Thank you for the response Jack! It was much more than I expected. I’ve never added banners to my blog, cause I didn’t want it to look to associated with the products I recommend, but I will give it a try. About the article writing, I’ve been thinking of outsourcing it to freelance writers since it is pretty cheap and they probably do a better job than me anyway. I was more worried about the fact that my articles send consistent traffic to the sellhealth sites, but there isn’t much conversion going on their side. I will read your ebook about reviews and I bet that might help 🙂 Thank you once again

  19. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and engaging, and without a
    doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy I stumbled across this during my hunt for something concerning this.

  20. @barryhurt,
    That’s pretty good spam commenting robot spintax there…. I left the link to your site so other people can see what canned spam scams look like.

  21. Hey Jack:

    I read your article and comparing SellHealth to Market Health was very informative. However, In terms of payment, I read on Market Health’s FAQ page that they do in fact pay twice a month. Also, with regards to SellHealth, can I sign up even though I do not have a website yet?

  22. Hi Jack,
    I was searching for some websites selling products from when I stumbled upon your website. Found it very informative and has useful information. I was already an affiliate of SellHealth for more than two years but don’t make a dime as I didn’t put much effort to promote their products. I was jumping from one program to another and spent quite a sum joining these programs.
    I have decided to start fresh by signing as a sub-affiliate under your link by taking up your words that you will help me to earn money by buying the products of SellHealth. Also signed up for your newsletter and ebook.
    How do I contact if I need your advice on setting up the webpages and sites to promote SellHealth products?

    Thanks and regards


  23. David,

    Yes, you can sign up with Sell Health without a website. And regarding Market Health’s payment structure they do in fact pay twice a month, but your payments get processed much slower than with Sell Health in my experience – up to two weeks later in most cases.


  24. You can get in touch with me by using my Contact page.

  25. I was wondering how to improve my business. Then I finally visit this blog, i found something interesting and helps me to understand my way to improve my business. Great blog!

  26. Hi Jack!

    I was looking for some alternative to Market Health affiliate program and I found your blog, which is packed with almost all the info need it to be a successful affiliate WOW! I’ve been planing to get into promoting health products and I think I found the right place to start. I already subscribe to your newsletter and I going to join Sell Health affiliate program. Thank you for the ebook and all the info.


  27. Hey Jack,

    I just applied with your sell health banner tonight so I guess I will be one of your subs. Hope we can make some money together!!!

    I am still putting together content for my site but I will hit you up for your opinion once I am rolling.


  28. Mac Donald says:

    What type of fuckin and nonsense are you telling..These affiliate programs are totally rubbish and nothing,You only try to get referral ,but you could not get any referral with these types of stupid tricks..You said Sellhealth is very good,and they keep cookies for one year,,What a joke you are telling? If somebody cleans his browser cookies with ccleaner or with any other method, you will not get any commision.I am also affiliate of sellhealth, and tried this by myself and all the cookies are removed after clearing cookies with ccleaner or manually .. In my opinion sell health is totally scamming people as well as buyers ..They are not serious to pay the commisions to their affiliates,,that’s why they can only track the cookie,but now a days ,cookies formula is totally damage because mostly people use ccleaner for their home computers or business purpose.. Don’t be fool by sell health because they are only cheating affiliates..

  29. @ Luis,

    You are welcome.


  30. @ Bill,

    Great! Welcome aboard. Email me with any questions. You can use my contact page Here.


  31. @ Mac Donald,

    If you put as much effort into marketing a product as you did into making your comment you’d probably have made some affiliate commissions by now.

    It’s true that most every affiliate program has “cookie” weaknesses such as you mention, but in my experience most of the sales come immediately after a (potential) customer clicks on an affiliate link.


    p.s. I have dozens of sub-affiliates through Sell Health and many of them (those who are putting in some effort) are selling thousands of dollars worth of product every month – so I have to disagree with you when you say “you could not get any referral with these types of stupid tricks”.

    All the best,


  32. Mac Donald says:

    Well thanks for reply and nice suggestion ,but i don’t know the people who are actually making money from sell health … You said that if you put your efforts in marketing rather than commenting, you are wrong ,,i have already send him 1000 of visitors but in starting i get 2 sales,,and now from 5 months ,i don’t get any sales even with us,canada traffic , and i get 2000 clicks per months but no sales? i don’t use banners etc and only get clicks by text .. It means that i have sent him more than 10,000 clicks from last 5 months but no single sale…It is clearly fraud and scam…

  33. @ Mac Donald…

    I feel your pain. There is no question in my mind regarding how you feel. One wonders how it is possible that someone could send 10,000 clicks to a “affiliate sales page” and get ZERO sales.

    I have to tell you this. I have sent 100k clicks to an affiliate sales page and received ZERO sales, but on others (to the same company) I get 1 sale for every 50 clicks. Does this mean that my affiliated company is a scam? (or is scamming me) I don’t know. It is always a possibility I suppose.

    The thing is this. If you have the ability (and internet talent) to generate that much traffic (and clicks) then what you should do is find a way to go wholesale. Buy the product wholesale (or a similar product) and sell it, and ship it yourself.

    Look for private label companies (and make your own Brand Name) that sell product in your niche and make the investment. Once you find something that is making you money then you can advertise for affiliates and YOU become the boss.

    Good Luck out there….


  34. Market Health steals from there affiliates I’ve experienced it first hand. Ruiz is the accounts manager. You cant get them on the phone
    And you would be lucky if they email you back. they have a lot of customer complaints. And
    when you do get in touch with the accouns manager Ms. Ruiz she is very rude and manipulate
    your back office with regards to your affiliate payments

  35. I disagree that Sell Health has good support. My affiliate manager NEVER replies to my emails, and even when I address their main support email address – No reply.

    They do pay what they owe you, but their support is the absolute WORST I have ever encountered. Absolutely non existent.

    I also think Mac Donald is peaking the truth. I do send them many clicks and my conversion rate is very low. I can go months and months without a single sale. I really suspect Sell Health to be a pretty scammy company. Not full blown scammers, but very shady……

    And one more thing, in case you think I am one of those fake IMers who simply wish to diss Sell Health, for the record, I have made thousands of dollars in commissions from them all this while, for the past 5 years at least. And if you earn thousands each month with them, I guess you probably don’t care (they could be shaving your earnings for all you know, but anyway).
    I want them to read my comments here, since these guys just do not reply my emails!!!&%^@

  36. This is a Comprehensive list of IM info for health marketing, it can be very effective if used in an integrated manner, thanks for sharing

  37. Thank you for your post. I get pretty good traffic to Market Health and lousy conversions, it is because of the formulaic landers it uses. They look high-pressure, like you said, no prices, something that might have worked well in the 1990s but a turnoff to most people now. Plus they need to change them up, all the offers look alike.
    Oh,yeah, aff manager is a joke. But they do pay promptly

  38. @Mike,

    Yeah – I have pretty much stopped using Market Health completely now. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  39. osborn hodges says:

    Jack, your post is really very informative..thanks a lot for it..but when you are filling the page to join sellhealth affiliate marketing, the website and url section is compulsory with asterisk but you said that one must not have a website necessarily to join sellhealth?

  40. just a mom says:

    Jack, thank you for your great thought here. I’ve been there (MH) for over 5 years (2008) till now. For a few months back, I feel also they shave my leads while seeing my traffic (using statcounter) remain stable and grow up. Meanwhile (personally), I see this down when managed by Ruis – account manager. I have experienced with other account manager previously but it doesn’t make me ‘so down’ since she takes care of publishers.
    As per your thought, I’m with you and trying to register under your link (my respect of your great and honest thought) . Unfortunately, there is no list of my country while most of country in this world are listed. Very sad. No alternative for me right now 🙁

  41. @Osborn

    I did talk to one of the affiliate managers at Sell Health and he told me that you don’t need a website in order to be approved as an affiliate – just put something in the website field such as “no website yet”. Let them know what you have planned as far as promotion goes and they will most likely let you register as an affiliate.

  42. @ just a mom

    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, nothing has changed as far as my opinion of Market Health. I’ll check with Sell Health in regards to the Country in question.

  43. just a mom says:

    Thank you Jack for your reply.
    I already ask them about my country when I see no list of my country there. On Jan 16. they contact me in the email.
    The Affiliate Manager, Bruce Morrey, said that this because “my country is a high risk for fraud, so we don’t automatically approve”. Then, he suggest me to apply registration with the link provided in the email and using other country during application while replying him that correspondence as a reference.

    I follow him and use “Somalia” as my country.
    I reply him with some thoughs.
    I told him, it’s hurt me seeing my country was predicated like this while I myself seeing so many fraudsters from other countries, including what was happening to me recently, Perhaps, for several years ago, it was. But now, even Paypal, Adsense, Facebook are very welcome to my country. In fact, some of that owner have a conduct of commitment to the government for globally economy growth.

    I hope they can change their mind about my country. I can’t imagine if I register with Iran or Afghanistan as my country which both of them are listed there. I though it just an ‘error’ of their script about available countries. Or perhaps they never see news or read newspaper what was happening in this world today.
    (Please don’t take personally my though as racialist or else. I just want to clarify them what means by “high risk for fraud” for my country).

    Jack, please remove the name of my country in the previous comment. I’m fret they (MH) read this and know it was me. I already complained to them about this (shaving my leads)

  44. James Williams says:

    Hello Jack ,I agree with you about these two health care companies.
    I will join sell health soon.

  45. When I am approved for Sell Health.I will advertise on Yahoo Groups,blogs and 1click marketing.OK Sell Health.Let me in.

  46. Healthywealth says:

    Great blog and great posters. You guys make it seem like Affiliate marketing is a huge waste of time. However, I think that no one company can be as good as affiliates would want, especially when conversions are not everyone’s friend. I just signed up with MH and will also sign up with SH and allot both some effort to get whatever I am able to get. I do not subscribe to lampooning any affiliate site, because no affiliate site can really satisfy. It is up to you to decide whether you do business with a company or ditch it if you are not satisfied. By the way, is MoreNiche better than both MH and SH?

  47. Edward Bynes says:

    They are big fraud I left both of them because they were eating my sales. I tried it my self I have sent thousands of visitors on their websites but I have not received a single sale in months.

  48. Larry Zinamon says:


    Excellent article about affiliate marketing. I’ve been reading about affiliate marketing and looking to try it out as a newbie. Your article leaves me a lot to think about. One thing I realized is there is a lot to learn about and this takes a lot of work, especially for a person new to affiliate marketing. One other site I was thinking about signing up with is the Wealthy Affiliate to really learn about affiliate marketing. I was wondering what your thought were on WA? Thanks for the information and taking the time to read my comments.


  49. Hi Jack very good article. I dont see the date of your publication but before it seems that Sell Health did not put capture pages before the price, but now it has many products that they have it. I really am a bit worried because despite taking hundreds of hops to Sell Health since I subscribed last year I only made one sale and it was at the beginning when I was only promoting very little the product. Now I see that once the client goes to the order page, he gets a pop up like a chat with a link, I don’t know if this cleans the affiliate id. What do you think that it’s happening or it’s still reliable Sell Health? Regards

  50. Hi Elian,

    We’ve seen conversion rates with Sell Health go down over the last year or so – not sure why. My feeling is that there is so much more of a wide variety of Male Enhancement products (and other Health related products) readily available on (and other sites) at a much cheaper price. The only way to know for sure if you are getting your proper commissions from Sell Health (and other affiliate programs) is to have a friend use your link to order the product and see if you get credit for the sale. Your friend can then return the product when they receive it. Some shipping costs involved, but worth the money to see if you are getting what you deserve from all of your hard work.

    Good Luck Out There.


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