Using Fiverr To Promote Your Business

Since I am a huge fan of - as a buyer - not (yet) a seller - I figured a few words about the site where you can "Hire people to do things for $5" were in order.

Cheap Labor

Talk about cheap labor.  I'll give you an example....

I own a lot of websites - lots.   Often times when I start a new project to "test the waters" and see if I can gain any traction in that market I don't worry too much about graphics and such, but more often that not - and especially lately - I'll start a new business/website with the intent of branding it right away.

How do you brand?

Well that's a multi answer question and if you really want to know you should read the book "Brand Against The Machine", but for the purpose of this discussion - one sided though it may be - is that (in my mind anyway) after coming up with the idea and seeing that it is worthwhile pursuing after some good keyword research and the like you should have a Logo.

Back to the cheap labor or fiverr idea....

I was paying up to $150.00 for a good logo before I found fiverr.  I am sure there are plenty of good graphic artists and business marketing companies - ad agencies and the like - that charge even more than that.

The thing is - you can get the same work done - often times even better work done - by people offering their services on fiverr.  Amazing!

I re-learned a hard and expensive lesson recently after re-doing 5 of my old sites that were just plugging along - mostly just information type sites - but good original content and consistent traffic, albeit not much.

I paid $25.00 to have five different logos/headers/branding graphics made for each of theses sites.   What I can tell you is that not only has my return visitor traffic increased, my customer's overall "time spent on the site(s)" has more than doubled and I have increased sales by a huge factor.

Now what does this all have to do with using fiverr to promote your business?

All of this (and the logo/graphics/branding thing is just a small part - you can get a lot of other types of website promotion done from those on fiverr willing to do it) got me to thinking.

How can I use fiverr to promote my own business(es) or broker some work (charge more and get it done for less) and make some (maybe big) money?

1) Maybe offer a service that I would normally charge $25 or $50 for - local client stuff, etc - Things that I would normally do myself or pay one of my employees to do - and farm out the work to those on fiverr - for five bucks!  Outsourcing.

2) What about offering a "loss leader" on fiverr for work that I do - and then in the follow up after the sale let them know that I have a website/business that not only does that kind of work - but a whole lot of other stuff too.  If you (or me - or anyone) can use fiverr in this way and attract clients I think in many cases it is well worth the money.

Not only is it cheap advertising - it's smart advertising.

Here's Fiverr's take on what they have to offer over there.

fiverr graphic


Now I know that's a lot to take in.  I also know that this is a bit of a rambling type post.  But I figured for those who have not heard about fiverr or for those who have but never really considered using them - either as a buyer or a seller - might want to take a second look and see what they have to offer.

My personal testimonial/review about them - as a buyer -  is that you sometimes have to go through a couple of people to find the ones that really satisfy.  If you do decide to hire someone just take a look at their satisfaction rating  and how long they have been offering the "gig".   The good ones will have positive reviews and a rating above 90%.

That's it for now.  I'm off to the lake.


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About Jack Folsgood

Jack Folsgood is an internet affiliate marketing expert and likes to share his thoughts about Business and Life in general.


  1. I have been a seller on FIVERR for about 8 mos now and have had excellent results. I wish their had been posts like this so I didn’t have to learn trial and error on how to market my gig. I only have one gig but it is very unique as I help people start their family trees.

  2. Yes this is a good post! It is all about promoting your gigs, i love these micro jobs sites and im on quite a few of them and it’s like this, the more i promote the more i make and i think this is the same scenario for most businesses, if we dont promote how can we make money! There a new website launching that i think i will share with you for promoting your gigs, its called and it allows us sellers to promote our jobs from any gig related site and then links back to our jobs, its a marketing portal basically BUT what a great idea rather than just another fiverr clone site.

    Anyway good luck promoting your gigs, and again a great post and read.

  3. is a PR3 likes fiverr alternatives best SEO micro jobs sites. You can hire thousand of freelancer to complete your small task & also make money online.

  4. I’ve got my own business of 4 years now with mostly very local clients offering IT support. I started selling on Fiverr this month and already have made more than $70 in the last week alone including tips.

    I would like to promote my gigs more, and even promote them on my own company website but I’m a little nervous to admit that I do work for…well…a ‘Fiverr’ when my current work is charged at a much higher rate. Would my customers see this that I’m underselling myself, or have the “pay peanuts get monkeys” opinion of me/my business? I’m in two minds whether to keep the two completely separate or combine both.

    Do you have any comments on this aspect of it?

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