If You Are a Published Author and Not Making Any Money Then You Are Perfect For Making Money Online

By Jack Folsgood

If you are one of those who has a knack and a natural talent for writing you may have decided to get your book published by a self publishing company. After investing all of that time and money you most likely have found that the sales of the book (so far) are even less than disappointing. If you have been able to recoup your costs, much less your time invested so far you are luckier than most.

If you are like most self published authors you have probably been able to somewhat placate yourself with the thought that "at least I got it published". But what does that do for your pocketbook? What about your dreams of being famous? Maybe you just wanted to make a little bit of money, (okay a lot of money) and now your big idea seems to be shattered or shattering right before your eyes.

People ask you how your book sales are going and you lie and tell them something along the lines of "decent", "okay", "I am happy so far", or something like that. But you really know that the only one who is being fooled is yourself. Face it. You do not know how to market your book. You are probably even a little bit shy and are hesitant and probably even downright unwilling to get out there and make something happen.

Do not get down on yourself. If you had the tenacity and the persistence to complete that book you have the ability to make money with your writing talents. Maybe you will never make money on that particular book. That is okay. You need to find an outlet for everything that you have inside of you just pleading to get out.

The world has changed a lot over the last ten years or so with the advent of the internet. (okay... twenty years), but that does not mean that there still is not over two hundred new books published everyday in the United States alone. What kind of chance does a talented author have to succeed with all of that competition?

There is still a way (and probably an even easier way than in the past) to make money by writing. You just have to know how to go about it in this ever changing world.

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