Easy Facebook Commissions – A Good Review? Or a Scam?

Easy FB Commissions Review

So I went ahead and purchased Justin Michie's  [Mee'-Kees] "Easy Facebook Commissions" course.  Figured a review was in order.

After watching the promotional video I agreed to pay $42.70 for it because Justin said that was what his cost was  - and he wanted to help me out.  I believed him.


20 minutes later - and THREE more "Just One Time Offers" complete with videos - I sold my soul to the devil and told him NO - "I can do it myself" - I don't need to pay an extra $200 - $300 (or whatever it was) to "Have Them Do It For Me".

I went ahead and spent the $42.70 cents to see what he had to offer - all the time wondering if all of this was a complete waste of time - and money - or some sort of scam. (but no worries - because I could always get my money back - LOL).

This far in when it came (finally) time to make a user name and password in order to access this incredible new way of making GOBS of money in no time at all - and with hardly any effort - (just 26 clicks) I chose to make my password an ironic "michie-scam" because that was what I was feeling at the time.

So what's it all about?

Holy Shit!

What I find inside - before getting to the "software" necessary to spam Facebook using fake user accounts and Proxy Servers is a 146 page - 15 chapter - user's guide.  "Maybe there is something to this after all" - I think to myself.

The gist of Easy Facebook Commissions by Justin Michie is this...  (per my notes)

  • Use Clickbank to find your market
  • Find a Clickbank product (or niche product(s) that has a gravity of 100 or more.
  • Search Facebook for that niche - filet - lots of likes = good.
  • Get a virtual phone number with Voicemail.
  • Excellent instructions on how to make a Facebook "Page" for my new business.
  • Something about  making a "squeeze page" to capture leads.
  • Go and buy some PLR (private label rights) product in the niche to serve these new leads some rehashed internet sewage/spam.
  • Instruction on how to make an "Exit Splash" page.
  • Plugins and other stuff for my new site.
  • How to integrate Aweber - (autoresponder for email follow ups)
  • Something about "banner garden" and an additional "ad code widget".
  • Another wordpress plugin called "sexy bookmarks".
  • Something about how to integrate "clickbank ads" into my site.
  • CPA Networks
  • Proxy and Virtual Servers
  • And a whole bunch of other stuff I didn't take notes on.

After all of this I was pretty tired and went to bed.

The next day I decide to take a deeper look into what this is all about - and to take some time to think about what I had just learned.

This is my review of Easy Facebook commissions - or EasyFBcommissions.com as it's called.

Gaming Facebook!

What easy facebook commissions is all about is gaming Facebook.  Pure and simple.  Except it's not that simple.

See... the thing is - once you get through all of the instructions - and there are a lot of them - you have to put everything into place.  Way easier said than done.

Now I'm not saying that these guys have everything you need to do exactly what they say their course and software will do.  I'm not saying that at all.

It's just that none of it is for the faint of heart - meaning that it sure is going to take more than 26 clicks to send you one your way to internet riches.

The give you the instructions on how to set up your facebook accounts.  They even offer to sell you "phone verified" facebook accounts for only $6.00 each.

The Software

Then you have to set up the software.  Not such a bad thing if you are in to that sort of thing.

As a matter of fact - you don't need the software - if you are only going to have one or two accounts and handle them yourself.  Otherwise - and what they recommend - is that you have as many as you can afford.

What they don't tell you is that even after you figure this whole thing out - and put everything into place - is that your likely hood of success is slim to none.

How do I know?  I've been down this road before.  It takes a lot of guts and determination - and maybe a little bit of luck - to hit it big.  Maybe this is why the guys at Easy Facebook Commissions recommend making as many accounts as you can and spam the shit out of the facebook groups and pages you've joined and/or created.

But who in those groups are going to put up with your shit?  In all fairness to Michie and company they do tell you to only put out 1 in 3 or 4 of your postings as something you are promoting.  But someone has to produce the message - even if it's spun - and automated somewhat with the software.

You also have to have something to sell. Or promote as an affiliate.  And on and on with a whole bunch of other things you need to know and do before you can even hope to have enough traffic (if you are lucky) to get to the point where you can start and try to tweak your campaigns for better returns.

They didn't tell you that up front in the sales message did they?

Look... I'm not saying this thing won't work for you.  The course has a whole lot more substance to it than most anything else I have purchased lately - maybe ever - save for Brad Callen's Skybuilder course that teaches you how to build apps and get them on the Google Play store and Apple's I-store or whatever the hell it is.

The $42.00 I spent was worth it for Easy FB Commissions.  I learned a lot.  I just have not really gotten into Facebook marketing that much, and now that I now what I now from this course, Facebook is something that I will probably dabble in - as part of the larger plan - for some of my niche sites.

All of this being said.  And much like the ideas I expressed in my Does SEO Still Work? post - If you are going to spend your time gaming Google - or Facebook - or even Pinterest for that matter - eventually you are going to get booted, blackballed, or even eliminated completely from that network if they feel you are taking advantage of them.

So think about that before you go and invest your time, energy, and money into a system that very nearly requires you to be shady in some way or another.

It might not be illegal (thank God!), and no one is going to die, but if you do in fact end up building something of substance, just be prepared for the inevitable day where the ten or twenty thousand a month you are making is gone in an instant.

Think about that.  And then maybe think about building a brand with a loyal following - something that is not guaranteed to last of course - but it will last longer than the house of cards you are building with your bot nets, proxy servers, and fake accounts.

Good Luck out there,