Using Web Audio for Success

It would be hard to argue against the fact that adding audio to a website increases your overall results. If you don't have audio in your arsenal, you're missing out. Audio increases opt-ins. And your sales.

Why does it work?

There's no real mystery. The web is mostly silent. It makes your site more "human". And makes people feel they're dealing with a real person. Audio literally breathes life into your website. And people like to interact with things that are alive!

The benefits of audio

You'll receive two immediate benefits to your bottom line when you employ the use of audio. First, you'll make more sales. And you'll spend less getting those customers. You won't have to hire someone to write your sales letter. Just record some audio and add it to your site. An authentic message from you will do more than the best ad copy.

And you will increase your subscriber opt-in rate. The reason this works so well is because people need to be told what to do. So you just add a simple audio that says: Put your email and name into the form and submit. That alone can increase opt-in rates up to 310%!

Some ways to use audio

Put a welcome message that plays automatically on your site, Most people abandon a website within just a few seconds. Your welcome message could make them stay when they would normally leave.

Lead them by the had. Just like in the opt-in example. You can use audio to tell your visitors exactly what to do. That includes filling in your order form!

Get testimonials for your services and products. It's good to get written testimonials. But an audio testimonial is better. It's pretty easy to fake a written testimonial. Using audio makes it much more believable. And will definitely increase your results.

Sneaky tick

Something you may not have thought of is using audio for the product itself. Audio is faster to produce than anything else. And it still has a high perceived value. Podcasts are still popular, so this is a great format. Plus you can get them transcribed cheap. Then you've got an eBook, too - but it was easy to create!

How hard is adding audio?

It's actually really easy. There's software that will show you how to add audio to a website. The software does all the work. The program records and then converts the recording and generates an audio button. You just copy and paste into your website. There's nothing to worry about.

Summing it up

Just a reminder of why you want to start using audio. Setting up some web audio will do wonders for all your results. You'll enjoy more customer sales. And your opt-in rate will increase. And you can quickly produce products and website sales copy. It's a less often used medium. But audio is a really big time and money saver. Get started right now and realize instant results.

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